I must admit, I’m a bit late in hopping on genealogy’s social networking bandwagon (although I am obsessed with Footnote!). So, this past weekend I began my foray into the trend, signing up for and messing around with several sites. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting my thoughts on them. I’ve decided on a 5-Pierogi rating system, 5 being the highest, to sum up my opinions 🙂 .

The first site out of the gate:


Not so much a networking site, SnapGenie (from MyFamily.com) allows you to quickly and easily create narrated slideshows. You upload your photos, then you are given phone number to call with a code to enter that is unique to your project. You then follow the instructions and narrate your show. When you are done and it is published, you can then share it with others.
I like this idea and it’s personal touch. However, I would like to see an option to add or use music either as a background to the narration (like some documentaries) or just music alone. Either way, options are always nice to have! I messed around with this a little bit to see how it works. It’s really quick and simple. I’m planning on doing it for real this weekend, so I’ll share my own slideshow then!


With Genoom, you can create a private family network, interactive family trees, photo albums and galleries, basic and extended individual cards, a location map (kind of like Google earth, but for your family tree!) and a personal family message board. There are screenshots below.

Genoom supports 11 languages: Catalan, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian. I emailed them about whether or not they would be offering a Polish version in the future, they replied that they are currently working on it and would welcome any volunteers. They have an “open translation system” so that users can help. If you are interested in doing so, just drop them a line here: Genoom Support.

Individual Card
Individual Card


Family Tree - pulled out view
Family Tree - pulled out view


Uploading your GEDCOM files to genoom is easy, however, there is a catch. If you create a profile first, you then need to enter in all the information individually by hand. There is no option to upload it after an account is made. To use your GEDCOM file, you must do it before you start your tree. Under the “Start Here” button, you will see “Import my family tree from GEDCOM”. Click this, upload your tree and create your account. Once you create your account, I found that using the rest of the features is simple: inviting others, uploading photos, tree views, etc… Also, the support team is quick, friendly and thorough!



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