As genealogists, both amateur and professional alike, we all love old photos! So naturally, I was so pleased to find these!

The photos below are mostly from the Dr. Louis E. Van Norman Collection housed at the U.S. Library of Congess.
These photos were taken during the formative years of the Second Republic, 1918-1921. During this time, Poland’s leaders were trying to reestablish the countries borders, with how much of the territories the new Poland should regain being the big question.

“5 workers who cut and rake the hay in Lowice, Poland. Rear view of them walking with scythes and rakes” – 1918-1921

“Man and woman making baskets outdoors as small child and others in doorway watch” – 1918-1921

“Thatched buildings” with a small garden at front left – 1918-1921

“Baskets in front doorway of Polish cottage, with 2 children seated on right and man standing to left” – 1918-1921

“Polish soldiers with group of Bolshevik prisoners, including small boy about 10 years old” – 1918-1921

“Six children in native costume” – 1918-1921

“Children and teacher in classroom” -1918-1921

“Miners and horse in mine” – 1918-1921

“Miners at entrance of coal mine” – 1918-1921

“Army volunteers with scythes in a crowd of people” – July 18, 1920

“Children in line for breakfast at American Methodist Mission, Klarysew, Poland” – 1919

So, what did you think? Did any of these resemble photos you have in your own personal history collection?

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