I’ve been researching my family’s history for a little while now and have found that delving into our Polish ancestry has been the most challenging part! I feel that while there is a fair amount online to work from, there are not nearly enough resources available (as there are with some other countries). And finding those resources that ARE available, can be a bit frustrating at times. So, I decided to put together everything I have found (whether it pertains to my particular researched areas or not), in the hopes of creating a nice jump-off point for other researchers of Polish ancestry. As for my family’s personal research in Poland, our focus is in Galicia. So, I have included a section for researching Galicia, also.

Additionally, any little tips or hints that I come across will be included in the Helpful Hints section.

While this blog isn’t NEARLY complete with all the information that is out there to utilize, rest assured, I intend to consistently add and update the resources as often and as thoroughly as possible!

As we all know, no one can be successful in ancestral research all alone! So, I strongly encourage all of you to share your experiences, resources, tips, hints, etc….. ( I will also be adding a forum soon, to better facilitate this!)

Over the next couple of days, my goal is to finish adding all of the links/resources I have in my bookmarks.

My hope is that this can become a place that can really help and encourage others, especially those just starting out, in discovering and connecting with their Polish roots!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you pop back over again, soon! 🙂


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