• Ellis Island Database
    Between 1892 and 1924 over 24 million passengers and members of ship’s crews came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York
  • Immigration and Ships Passenger List Research Guide
  • NEW* Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
    Over 8000 passenger manifests that are searchable by surname, captain’s name, port of arrival/departure or name of the ship.
    Included is collection of New York immigrants from Austria, Galicia and Poland, WWII refugees to Australia, Irish to Argentina, Passengers arriving and departing Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada between 1851 and 1872, the 1903 Project and German Departures.
  • JRI-Poland JGS NY and JHI Project (Polish Aliyah Passports)
    Project to index genealogical collections at the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw. The ‘Passports’ collection in the Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland (Warsaw) consists of 3,754 Polish passports issued primarily during the 1930s to Polish citizens going to what was then British Mandate Palestine.
  • NEW* Moving Here
    Moving Here explores, records and illustrates why people came to England over the last 200 years and what their experiences were and continue to be. It offers free access, for personal and educational use, to an online catalogue of versions of original material related to migration history from local, regional and national archives, libraries and museums. 
  • NEW* Polish immigrants to the State of São Paulo, Brazil
    Many records are between 1885 – 1925, although some go further to 1948. While the site is in Portuguese, the link above is for the Google translation of the main page. It doesn’t do so well translating the results, so here are some helpers:
    Ano da chegada=Year of Arrival
    Chefe=head (of family)
    Buscar (to look)=search button
    Enviar=send button
    Also, for the larger bits of text, try using the translate text box here.